Baking up a storm for Mother’s Day for the #ELCbakeoff challenge

We love baking in our house and cupcakes are a special favourite especially since they are ready so quickly and the size makes them so appealing as you can decorate each one individually.

Mothercare invited us to take part in the ELCbakeoff challenge and the children were very excited. We received the cupcake baking set which retails at £15 and has everything you need to make perfect cupcakes even recipes and a baking utensils set (£8) which contains a pastry brush, spatula, rolling pin and whisk. All are bright and colourful and just what you need when you are baking with children.

Jadyn decided that she would take charge and do it all alone and that I ‘could put my feet up and relax’.

We have baked cupcakes so many times so she is well-versed with the measurements etc. but this was the first time that she was doing it alone. I obviously had a tendency to hover, till I was told off that if I told her what to do, I wouldn’t get any cake. Right – I was relegated to being cameraman. At least I could still keep an eye on them.

As I heard her giving orders, I wondered if I sounded like that because she did sound like a tough taskmaster.


Anyway as she measured out the butter and sugar and set whisking, I realised how much my little girl had grown. She passed the batter bowl onto Ethan who whisked up a storm. I looked in mild horror at the table, holding back the urge to intervene and tell them to try not to make a mess.

Then came the eggs and the flour and more mixing.

Cupcakes are so easy to make. When it came to the oven I took over but let her set the oven to the correct temperature 180 degrees.

They then spooned the mixture in the little cases which are so cute. I love the colours of the little silicone cases.

I put the cakes in the oven for about 20 minutes and they were ready. I love the smell of fresh baking, don’t you?


I took them out and left them to cool while the children worked on the decoration.

They rolled out some fondant icing and then cut out shapes and put the shapes on top of the cupcakes. Then they decorated the cakes with coloured balls, chocolate chips and sprinkles.


They arranged it on the cake stand and proudly showed off their creation. Jadyn had made a special one with the letter M on it and one with a heart that she insists are mine. And they really tasted lovely. Food made with love does taste different.


The cakes were not perfectly shaped, the decoration not professional by a long shot but in my eyes they were the best cupcakes I have ever seen and tasted – simply because they were made by my children for me with love. Definitely a Proud Mummy Moment!!

Disclaimer: I was sent the above products to help me take part in the ELCbakeoff challenge. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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