Baking Mario Cakes with Nintendo

When I was asked to be a Nintendo Family Blogger, I thought it would be all about well – games and gadgets. I was wrong. Belonging to the Nintendo family also means trying out recipes. Are you a bit confused? What does Nintendo have to do with cooking/baking?

Read on and you’ll soon find out what a lovely time we had.

Just after Easter, I received a package from Nintendo. I was quite thrilled because I was expecting delivery of the 2DS (which I shall be reviewing soon so watch this space). However, in the bag was a piping bag, some recipes and a voucher to go shopping for ingredients.

The recipes were for some lovely Mario cakes 🙂

When the children were home for school they obviously wanted to get baking immediately. I guess I did too as the cakes looked so good in the recipe.

Who would not want Toad cupcakes or Mario Star cakes?

We did of course need to get ingredients though. So it had to be the following day.

The recipe involved making cream cheese icing and I had never tried my hand at that – it’s always been plain old buttercream, I’m afraid!

Anyway, we followed the recipe but because the children felt the ‘red’ was not the right ‘red’, we kept adding colour. As a result the icing became too thin and we could not use it. So we cheated and used fondant instead.

mario cakes 3

We had to do it right, of course so the next day we tried it again.

This time we were more organized and we managed to get it right so we produced some Toad cupcakes and some others that had the stars and we even made question marks.

mario cakes 1

The cakes came out quite well and the children even had some in their packed lunch the next day. The cream cheese icing tastes lovely.

mario cakes 2

Jadyn did all the cutting out of shapes and Ethan and Aeryn both tried their hands at decorating.

It was loads of fun making these cakes with the children more so because they were Mario themed. The 2DS did follow but I have to say that the first package brought just as much joy as the 2DS. Sometimes it’s the little things….

mario cakes 4

A big thank you to Nintendo for doing things differently and giving us fun stuff to do together which didn’t involve playing on devices. We love being Nintendo Family Bloggers.


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