Baking delicious treats with Betty Crocker

We love eating cake in our home – but then who doesn’t? We, like everyone else, have dessert with our meals – sometimes it’s fruit, sometimes ice-cream or sometimes an honest to goodness dessert (the gooey chocolate cake type!)

I was given an opportunity to review some products from Betty Crocker and have found these really lovely and easy to use. I have since then been back and bought some products again.

I was sent –


I first tried the Brownie mix. It is so easy to make. Just add oil, water and an egg. Literally that easy and then just whisk it all up. Pop in it a baking tray and then into the oven. 25 minutes later you have amazing brownies. And I mean they are soft and chewy and gooey. Yum!


Next up was the Red Velvet Cake. I made this for a special Twitter party and needless to say, it was a huge hit. I love that it’s so easy to use the mix. Simply follow the instructions and then you have a delicious cake in about 30 minutes.


We took great pains in decorating it with the Vanilla Icing that you can take straight out of the jar which is really handy. And I do think it looks rather lovely. The cake was so tasty and moist too.


I love the ease of use that the Betty Crocker mixes provide. They are great if you suddenly need a cake or dessert as they are so quick to make and you will normally have the added ingredients at hand at home.

The icing comes in a great range and they are so easy to use. I find ready made icing so easy as there is no risk of it going wrong and it is easier to decorate too.

I love the Betty Crocker product range and would highly recommend using them. They are also so reasonably priced.

Disclaimer: I was sent some Betty Crocker products to review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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