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I reviewed this amazing personalised cushion from Bags of Love for Mummy News and I think it is an amazing gift.

You upload your photos and they are imprinted onto these lovely cushions. You can choose one photo or create a collage. The cushions are available in the following sizes – squares 16”, 20” and rectangular 22” x 16”

You can have duck feather or polyester filling. I chose the duck feather since I figured it not get lumpy after a while like the polyester ones tend to do.

The material of the cushion is just great – it is soft and velvety.  The pictures that have been imposed on them are clear and the colours are as they are in the actual photographs. It also has a little heart charm on the zipper. The filling is such so that the cushion does not go flat and that’s something that I like the most.DSC06252

The cushion was delivered in about 3 days and I was quite pleasantly surprised as I had expected it to take longer.

The children loved seeing themselves on a cushion and I had it in my living room but have now moved it to my bedroom as everyone wants to rest against this one alone because of it being so comfortable. So I have kept it for myself to enjoy when I read in bed!

It also comes with a 2 year guarantee. Now what could be better than that!

It would make a perfect gift for any occasion.

Bags of Love also has many other great personalised gifts that you can choose from.

Reviewed for Mummy News.



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