Back To School with Crayola’s Take Note! Range

It’s that time of the year – back to school. Which also means that it’s time to get school supplies. Every year, the children are on the look out for new products that they can use during the school year. Every year Crayola is our go-to brand.

This year Jadyn is a Sophomore and she’s been looking for products that are trendy and ‘cool’. What better than the new Take Note! Collection from Crayola?

She’s been getting ready for the school year and this year she’s especially thrilled as she’s a part of ASB which means getting her creative juices flowing even more than normal. She excited and has been using the Take Note! products to make lists, jot down ideas and  decorate her journal. And with her, I’ve been doing a little doodling myself and getting back on track with my blog.

The Take Note! product line features 2-in-1 Dual Ended and Erasable Highlighters, Washable Felt Tip and Gel Pens, Permanent Markers and Dry Erase Markers.

We tried them all and we realised that they were all so great that we certainly needed them all. The colours are bold and the versatility of the range makes it easy to create whatever you want.

In fact, I’ve been meaning to take up journal writing and these pens inspired me to get started. I may think of keeping them all to myself and not sharing.

My personal favorites are the Erasable Highlighters as besides being able to erase if you’ve made a mistake, you can create some pretty nifty designs with them, erasing parts the letters and drawings.


What I liked most of all is that the felt tip pens don’t smudge. Jadyn is left handed and often has a problem because the pens judge her writing. Not so with the Crayola Take Note! As you can see – smudge free notes!

Did you know?

Using colour for note taking is proven to aid in memory retention. 


The Take Note! Dry Erase markers are also ‘noteworthy’ in the fact that they have low odor ink and they also have ink level indicators. How cool is that? Extremely helpful I’d say to know when your ink is running low and its time to stock up.


And the colours are so appealingly named too –

Crayola Take Note! Dry Erase Markers

Crayola’s Take Note! range is available at national retailers and at


7 thoughts on “Back To School with Crayola’s Take Note! Range

  1. Nice. They are now evolving and having more options! I bet the kids are loving them. I find them useful since organized persons use color to segregate ideas. hehe

  2. I’m already in love with this brand! They have so many options as well which is just fantastic! I might try it out for my doodles!

  3. All of these Crayola products looks amazing! I am seriously going to look for these this week as I still have some last minute BTS shopping to do. I want these for me 🙂

  4. I love Crayola products. Every year I buy them for the kids. I love that they have bold colors and are really better than many other products. Your post inspired me to start writing my journal again (I quit last year).

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