Back to school gifts at the Internet Gift Store

Its back to school and with that comes school runs, new lunch bags, bottles and uniforms.

It also means that your children will be invited to many birthday parties and you will need gifts for other children too. Not forgetting that Christmas is slowly creeping up too.

If you are like me and have children born during the winter months, you may also be planning a birthday party.

All this together may make you feel swamped as you need presents – and lots of them.

Internet Gift Store has positively everything one could look for in gifts and the best part is that everything on there is extremely reasonable.

I have put together a few of the items that really caught my eye and can be used to present as a gift if your child is invited to a birthday party or it can also be used as a goodbye gift at a party.

I love these Dinnerware sets. They are 3 piece sets with a bowl, plate and a glass and come in a number of character designs like Hello Kitty, Fireman Sam, Me to You, Angry Birds and Skylanders. They look very attractive and are made of Melamine so are dishwasher safe but you cannot use them in the microwave. They range in price from £5.99 – £7.99


 These Floats are really great for return gifts – priced at £3.99 they have a press on lid with a flexible straw. They are dishwasher safe and are stain resistant. They also come with a bendy straw which makes it easy for little ones to drink from.


The Hello Kitty and Moshi Monsters Stationery Sets are great value sets for going back to school or again for parties. They include a ruler, pencil with rubber, double ended colour pencils, highlighter, notepad, ball point pen and sharpener all for £6.49


These Gorjuss jotter notepads and pens are again great for party bags. It comes with a stylish pen that has the slogan Little Gorjuss Things on it. They are also handy to have around the home when you need that erstwhile notepad to take a phone number down. Priced at £5.99 – I think they are ‘Gorjuss’


There were a few other little things that caught my eye – like this notebook with a lock. It is a lovely gift for a little girl’s first diary and the lock keeps prying eyes out like that of the annoying little brother or maybe even the nosey mum!



These pencil cases are lovely too and there are some that are filled and some that come empty so you can choose how you would like to purchase them.


There are many other gifts on the website – for different occasions: some unique like this Desktop drum set, some classic like scented candles, Christening gifts, Mother’s Day gifts – you name it. All are very reasonably priced and look awesome.

If you have to get a gift for someone or are stuck for ideas, please visit the Internet Gift Store.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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