Baby Annabell from Zapf Creation – A Review

I have always loved the Zapf range of dolls. I remember I had one when I was young but it was not a baby doll.

I did get Jadyn a Baby Born and she loved playing with it.


I was so happy to be offered a review of Baby Annabell for Aeryn. Every little girl must have a baby doll – in my opinion. And Baby Annabell is on the top of my list.

Baby Annabell needs no introduction I’m sure. She is like a real baby – she coos, she drinks from her bottle, she burps, sucks her dummy (with real sucking motion and sounds) and she cries – REAL tears. (Really – she does)

Aeryn was thrilled when she received this. She immediately cradled her and she’s obviously called Baby Charlotte( Sorry Annabel)


In the box, is the doll, a baby bottle, a dummy, a little necklace for Annabell and a bib.

The doll is lighter than the previous models and is dressed in a pretty little pink all-in-one suit. She also has a cap.

Now, the doll is quite adorable with a lovely little face. She has a soft body but the hands and legs are hard plastic. The hands and legs flop like a real baby. Her eyes are blue and the eyelids shut when she falls asleep. She also opens and shuts her eyes as she drinks from her bottle.

Baby Annabell
The Adoring Mum

Aeryn loves her cooing and gurgling and it is rather sweet – I find myself (somehow) taking care of her too and giving her a cuddle. She makes snoring sounds when asleep.

The Frazzled Mum

This is where it got interesting. Baby Charlotte got herself into a bit of a tizz and nothing Aeryn did could stop her crying. She just wanted to be carried and rocked. The moment she was put down, she cried again. (Well, that’s the kids getting their own back). Aeryn was quite a patient mum though and only when the going got really tough did she give her to me.

The Caring Mum

To make her cry real tears you have to feed her water from the bottle and then burp her and feed her again.


When you take the bottle out she cries – this time with real tears. Sometimes this takes practice as Annabell needs to have drunk enough water to cry tears.

The Outgoing Mum

Charlotte goes on school runs with us and even accompanies us on long trips in the car. She sleeps in Aeryn’s bed.

The Playful Mum

I think this doll is ideal for role play and imaginative play. For any little child who has a sibling on the way, it is perfect for getting them used to another baby in the house and it also helps as the older child can imitate her mum as she takes care of the new baby.

I love the new Rock to sleep feature where if you rock her, Annabell falls asleep. I also love the fact that she switches off if not played with for a while as it does save batteries.

I remember with Jadyn since she was already used to looking after her baby doll, she was quite good with Ethan and held him rather well – while sitting on the sofa of course and me hovering over her.

Baby Annabell from Zapf is priced at £49.99 and it good value for money considering what features she comes with.

There is a whole range of accessories and clothes for Baby Annabell and I’ve no doubt I shall be having to purchase a few soon. The doll also comes as a boy or a girl (although it really doesn’t make a difference as there is no real ‘boy’ ‘girl’ difference except for the clothes).

Annabell requires 4 AA batteries.

Disclaimer: I was sent a Baby Annabell doll for review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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