#AutumnalBakes with Currys PC World

With us being well and truly into autumn, I keep thinking of warm, cosy evenings spent indoors. Ideally with freshly prepared soup and freshly baked, crusty bread to dip into it. My bread making skills are nil so I jumped at the chance of joining some fellow bloggers to learn how to do so at the #AutumnalBakes event with Currys PC World.

The event was held at the Jamie Oliver Cookery School at Westfield and I had never visited there so this was also a first for me.

Now, I’ve baked cakes quite often but never ventured at baking bread so I was quite excited. The children were also excited as I promised to try out my newly acquired bread making skills when I returned.

The lovely Gaby was chef for the day and she taught us how to make simple bread rolls and the dough for a focaccia. I learnt so much from it – how long to prove the dough, how to make different shapes a few tips on how to knead effectively. It’s the little things that make a difference as I didn’t know that dough proves even in the refrigerator. I always thought that one needs a warm place for the dough to prove.

I think I did pretty well with these loaves of bread. Yes, I made them myself. Okay – I guess I may have cheated a bit as the dough had been prepared and provided for us. But check out the lovely shapes. I’m quite proud of the plaited loaf.


Now this – I made on my own. The Focaccia! I mixed the dough and then it was baked. No – wait a moment! The dough for this was provided too.

I made the dough to take home. And I made a lovely Focaccia for Saturday lunch.


We were served a delicious pumpkin soup for lunch with a cheese fondue that were perfect with the breads we baked.


I have a standard oven at home but I definitely have my eye on one of these Hotpoint multifunction ovens.

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