An Autumn poem


I love the season of autumn – it inspires poetry and writing and crafting and baking and ….the list goes on and on…

It was also my mum’s favourite season and I am constantly reminded of her during this time.

Well, I was so inspired that I have not one but two poems for you.

One, is well, a poem (its not a sonnet or anything fancy or the like) and the other one is a Haiku 🙂

The Haiku

In each fallen leaf

Is a colourful story

Of a year gone past…


The poem

In every leaf is a memory

Of the year that’s gone on by –

Of things that have made us happy,

Or things that have made us cry.

Each leaf would have a tale to tell –

If it could only speak:

Of people and animals passing

As they go about what they seek.

The beautiful season of autumn

With hues of red and gold,

Reminds us of the season to come

Of mist and of the cold.

The soft carpet of fallen leaves

Provides a fun-filled play

For little girls and little boys

As they kick the leaves away.

I love the season of autumn

The sights, the smells, the sounds.

I love falling conkers

All lying on the ground.

The sight of wonderful colours

The smell of pumpkin pie

The sounds of the geese flying overhead,

And the squirrels scurrying by.

Autumn to me is a prelude

To my favourite time of year

The beautiful season of Christmas.

With happiness, love and cheer.




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