How Ayurveda Can Enhance Your Workout

You’ve probably noticed the strength, agility, and flexibility of a dedicated yoga instructor. These yoga teachers also tend to have a peaceful demeanor in even the most challenging poses. While it has something to do with the strength they’ve developed over the years, it’s also due to a balanced state of mind. The yogic diet, […]

How we spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day…

Christmas is always a special time for me. During my childhood, our family home was always abuzz with excitement with people whispering about gifts for each other and getting the Christmas decorations up. Now with having kids of my own, who are just as excited as I used to be, Christmas is still so much […]

David Charles Childrenswear London – Review and Giveaway

We moved to Los Angeles in April and though we’ve settled in (well sort of), we still miss London like it was yesterday. Especially round the Christmas season, we miss the hustle and bustle, the Christmas parties, the Christmas lights and the list goes on and on. When we were approached to review some special […]

How You Can Improve Your Childs Social Skills

One true fact about the world is that this world is not perfect. The imperfection of the world brings trouble, pain, suffering and sorrow to all of us. However, while we are aware of this, our children, on the other hand, are not. This, however, does not mean that they are immune or unaffected by […]

Ways to Help Your Child Build Positive Relationships

  Children are continually learning about people, places, andemotions in everyday life so supporting them through these times is important for providing a strong and stable network for when they need guidance. Children learn by developing relationships with the people around them, and this includes everyone from parents and siblings to school friends and teachers. […]