How You Can Keep Your Cool When Your Marriage Breaks Down

I think that anyone who enters into a marriage will intend for it to last. But it is a sad fact that divorce rates are rising, and more people are giving up on their relationships. There are many reasons for this, and everyone who has a relationship that breaks down will wholeheartedly believe it is […]

Recipe – Staffordshire Oatcakes

We’ve moved homes several times in the last 10 years – within countries and between countries. It’s been hard, new schools, new friends, new surroundings to adjust to. But, we’ve gained so much from it too. Besides all the excitement of moving and making new friends and learning new things, we’ve been able to acquire […]

Winter Clothing Items To Stock Up On Early

With summer leaving us and winter approaching, it can be difficult to decide what to wear. Since it is coming close to winter, it is time for a new wardrobe. If you are not prepared for winter, you should make sure your wardrobe is so that you can make sure you can keep cosy during […]

4 Reasons Why You Need To Start Saving Money For Your Kids

Kids are expensive and when you’re trying to budget for a family, saving money can be difficult. But it’s so important that you start putting money aside as soon as possible so you can help your kids in the future. A lot of young adults are struggling financially and more people are turning to their […]

Back-to-School Costs Continue to be a Burden for Parents

School fees and the cost of buying those back-to-school essentials continue to be hot topics in South Africa and a big headache for the parents who foot the bill. Governing bodies of some state schools across the country have recently met to decide on school fee increases, with many parents being burdened by what has […]