Asda’s Easter Bakery Range – Review

We have been having a range of treats from Asda and they are delicious. We’ve had chocolate eggs and were also sent cakes and buns.


Good Friday buns are a must have and I was quite taken with Asda’s range as they were different from the norm. We were sent Apple and Cinnamon buns, Chocolate buns and Toffee buns.

The latter two were great for the younger ones as they don’t really like raisins in the buns. They did devour the chocolate ones and they enjoyed them.

The apple and cinnamon buns had raisins but the apple flavour was strong and I liked that slightly tangy flavour.

They were delicious lightly toasted.


We were also sent the traditional Simnel cake which is a fruit cake topped with marzipan and that was really tasty and great with a glass of wine after dinner.


And last but not least, we had Chico the chick, which is a celebration cake, and has a Madeira soft centre cake with plum and raspberry jam and a vanilla frosting. It is quite a treat and we especially liked the Madeira cake as it was a welcome change to the normal sponge cake.


Asda also has some delicious cupcakes for the children that are a delight to look at and I’m sure they taste great too.

Don’t forget to drop in and check out the bakery range this week while you are shopping for Easter.


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