Arokah – A ‘multi-teaser’ puzzle : Review

We were sent Arokah to review as part of being on the Blogger Board Game Club and on first sight the game looked extremely interesting. The packaging itself is quite intriguing.


I must tell you at the start that Arokah is not so much a board game but more of a brain teaser type puzzle that’s for a single player. It is wooden and there are 6 different levels to master.

The set includes the following –

  • 23 unique Arokah shapes
  • 12 puzzle challenges
  • 3 master challenges
  • A double sided playing board
  • Welcome guide and instructions

How it’s played –

To begin, you need to place a puzzle sheet on the board and try and match up the puzzle pieces to form the picture. Sounds easy enough? There are restrictions to how you can place the puzzle pieces.

What we thought –

When we first read the rules, we thought it was going to be a breeze but as you go through the levels, it does get tougher. The game is quite interesting but I’m wondering about the fact that you need to buy further expansion sets once you’ve mastered these initial levels.

It is a beautiful set and very intriguing to look at too and so well made but in terms of long term playing power, it lacks longevity perhaps? It does take some time to get through the levels, so you do get a good amount of play out of it and it is great for getting children to think and away from screens for a while.

Arokah is currently available from and is priced at £19.95

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