Arla Big Milk – Launch Event at Maggie & Rose Kensington

Two weeks back, I travelled to London to Maggie and Rose, with the children after school for a very exciting launch event – Arla Big Milk.



Now for many of you who may not know, Arla is behind names like Lurpak and Cravendale and has launched ‘Big Milk’ that is specially formulated for children between the age of 1 – 5.

Arla Big Milk is a whole, fresh cows’ milk – naturally rich in calcium that is enriched with Vitamin D, Iron and Vitamin A that helps children meet requirements for these vitamins.

We were given some information about the need for a healthy diet for children as well as the need to supplement vitamins in their diet by Charlotte Sitrling-Reed, a registered independent nutritionist specialsing in infant and toddler nutrition.


I wa surprised to know that the UK Department of Health as recommended that alongside a healthy, balanced diet ALL children between the age of one to five take a supplement that contains Vitamin A and D.

My children do take supplements but the vitamins that they take (chewy ones) are only suitable from aged 3. It would have been great to have had Arla Big Milk in the years between 1 and 3.

We had a lovely afternoon with the children getting their faces painted and playing with plasticine.


We were also served some delicious food.


Charlotte showed us how to make some delicious ice-cream.


And we were given a lovely goody bag with Arla Big Milk to try out.

big milk

Well, ever since then the children have been hooked and we have had to buy them Arla Big Milk as they love the taste. I love the nourishment it provides so am happy to indulge them.

It does cost a bit more than store brands at £2.25 for 2 litres but I have never put a price on quality so I am happy to purchase it.

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