Argos Christmas Wishlist App Review

I was recently invited to attend the launch of a very special App by Argos. Seeing as it’s Christmas – it had to be a Christmas App.

Only this was a little different from others  – one for the children.

The Argos Christmas Wishlist App is one that allows children to create their wishlist for Christmas and send it to Santa a.k.a. Mum or Dad 🙂

I got Jadyn to take a look at it and  she spent a lot of time going through the gifts and adding them to her wishlist. She also had a special helper while doing so.

It’s really simple to do. For the parents – you can decide the number of products a child can add, put a limit on the price of each gift and add  your email (or Santa’s as the case may be).

The app is suited to even younger children as there are images that they can scroll through. My 3 year old just sent me a very long list. I forgot to put a cap on the number of gifts.

After the children have chosen their gifts, they can put the gifts in order of importance – the one’s they really want and then decorate the list and send it off.

The wish list comes in to your email inbox so you can have a look at all the toys they want. You can also click on the link through to the Argos website and check prices and purchase them if you like.

I think this App is really helpful in getting to know what the children really want. I have sometimes been guilty of getting the children something that I think is good for them, but they don’t really like. This way – my Christmas shopping is going to be spot on.

Since the wishlist can be then forwarded to anyone else it is handy for extended relatives who want to get the children presents for Christmas.

Of course since I was being generous, I asked them to put down 7 gifts each and boy did they do well. I then told them that you must give Santa a choice as he may need to give some of the ones on the bottom of their list to others who have it on the top of theirs.

They are quite happy with that asked if they could then have a wider choice. I ended up with a list of 18 things each!!

I think the Argos Wishlist App is really great and I am hoping that this can be further used for birthdays too or just for children to have a list of favourite toys. I sure would like to send a list like that myself to Santa!

Do be sure to go and try the App out for yourself. It is loads of fun. Argos also has some really great deals on and with their reserve service, it is a pleasure shopping there.

Here is a video we made at the event talking about the App and mentioning some of our most loved traditions.

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