Are you responsible for the drowning of a baby reindeer? Read on to find out…

Is your house decorated yet? Are the outdoor lights on? Did you decorate before Thanksgiving? Well, you are probably responsible for the drowning of a baby reindeer!!

My children just can’t wait to put up the tree and the lights. I know that when I was young, we would always put up the trees and decorations around the 15th of December when the schools closed for the holidays.

Now, however the schools close only around the 20th so I guess it leaves little time to get everything set for the big day. Although, I still put up the decorations around that time since J’s birthday is on the 15th and we normally have some birthday decorations up.

This year since I have some lovely decorations and the children are demanding a bigger tree I am thinking of putting it up earlier – maybe next weekend. Is that too early?

I was stunned to read on Facebook that after someone had posted that they had put up their lights, there was a comment which stated that if the decorations go up before Thanksgiving, an elf drowns a baby reindeer. I found that really hilarious.

For one, elves are normally portrayed as doing good deeds – if they exist at all!

Two – I do believe that they are supposed to be tiny creatures and am sure that the baby reindeer, though a baby, will be many times the size of an elf.

And of course, the third, being – what about the people who do not celebrate Thanksgiving?

So am I lucky to be amongst those who did not help the elf to drown the baby reindeer? 

Are you one of them who was responsible for the death of a baby reindeer? Leave a comment below. I would love to know your thoughts.



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