Are you a World Champion Rummikub Player?



Have you ever heard of or played Rummikub? If you have played it, I’m sure you must be addicted to it. If you haven’t, here’s an introduction –

Rummikub is a classic family game that has been played for more than 50 years, where the aim of the game is to be the first player to go “Rummikub”. In order to win players must place all of their tiles from their rack onto the table. Players must lay down “sets” of tiles on the table. Sets can be made up of either three or four tiles of the same number, but each in a different colour (e.g. red 4, blue 4, orange 4) or they can be made up of three or more consecutive numbers which are of the same colour (e.g. red 2, red 3, red 4, red 5). The game comes complete with 106 engraved plastic tiles, four sturdy two-tier racks, eight rack holders and instructions. Rummikub is suitable for 2-4 players aged 8+. There are different versions of the game available – Travel, Express, Junior Rummikub and Rummikub Word. All seem quite interesting and I can’t wait to get playing.


If you are already addicted to the game this one is for you –

Calling all Rummikub fans! Love Rummikub? Think you’d be able to hold your own against your fellow ‘Rummikubbers’ in the Rummikub UK Championship, and go on to represent the UK in the World Championship? You do? Then read on…

Rummikub is a fast paced family game which has been played by adults and children for over 50 years. From humble beginnings, where the inventor Ephraim Hertzano handmade each Rummikub set out of wood, it is now estimated that over 50 million Rummikub games have been sold to date, in 54 countries around the world. The first Rummikub World Championship took place in 1991 and this triennial event sees the winner awarded The Rummikub World Cup. The eventual champion also claims an amazing, once in a lifetime, trip around the World!

Signing up is easy – simply join the Rummikub Online Championships and register by visiting, going on the Facebook page, Google Play or downloading the app. Some heats have already taken place but there are still some to be held between  23rd – 29th August so make sure you put the dates in your diary! The highest scoring eight UK finalists from the Online Championships will be invited to take part in the Rummikub UK Final taking place in September in central London. The highest scoring player will then go on to represent the UK at the World Championships in Berlin, alongside their fellow Rummikub Champions from around the world. As part of their prize, the UK Champ will win a round trip to Berlin including a luxury three nights stay at The Ritz hotel!

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