Are online insurance comparison tools working?

Insurance is one of the main pillars of the financial services industry and at some point in life it is something that we all have to get involved in.

That might mean getting health insurance, contents cover, a buildings policy or pet insurance. Whatever we’re looking to insure against; it’s likely that we will use an online tool or comparison site to try and find the right deal for us. As the insurance business is such a competitive market it’s hard to know whether the advice and information you’re getting is accurate. So how can you navigate your way through the murky waters and ensure you find the correct policy at the best premiums?


Most insurance companies and policy providers offer free quotations that come with no obligation to accept their offer. By inputting some personal data into an online interface you will get a quote tailored to your own circumstances and requirements within minutes.

A good quotation tool will also explain the different types of policies available and exactly what the options are for extra cover if needed.

Obviously, if you are using a company-specific site it will only give you the details of its own products, so in order to get a good idea of comparative costs you’ll need to spend some time checking out a few different providers.

Going straight to one trusted specialist provider can save time and give you the best deal straight off the bat. For instance; More Than pet insurance is a market leader for those looking to get an animal policy.

For more general policies it can be quicker to use an online tool that aggregate information from a wide range of different companies.

Comparison sites

There are plenty of these free online resources that offer a wide range of data across the insurance industry.

Again, by entering a few key personal details into what is usually an extremely simple website form, you will be provided with a list of different providers and be able to check the differences at a glance.

Each insurance ‘products’ will come with various slight differences which is why it can pay to take the time to look into the advantages and disadvantages of each one. It is also a good idea to research any reviews of that particular company. The downside of comparison sites is that some of the major players in the insurance business do not take part and only offer their products and information through their own websites.

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