#AppandAway with the iPhone 6 and Three Mobile


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I was invited to an event by Three mobile to have a play on the iPhone 6. And when I say play, I mean it literally.

The iPhone 6 has some amazing apps that allow you to use it as a remote to play with some really interesting gadgets.

We were first familiarised with the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus and they both seem pretty great with some very handy features. I love the iPhone 6 Plus as the larger screen would be perfect for my blogging on the go as well as viewing my tons of photos that I am always taking.

I had travelled to Three Mobile’s Discovery Centre in Maidenhead to test out the Sphero Ball, the iSpy tanks and the Roachbots.

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We were given some obstacles to go through with the gadgets and I can happily say that I obviously need to get competing with my children more often so that I can get up to stat with these devices. Blogging is just not enough!

My Roachbot decided to keep going off course and wandering off to freedom.

My Sphero ball decided to stop in the middle of the track.

But I loved the iSpyTank. I think the children would love it. I especially loved the feature where you can take a picture. I see the benefits in a big way. I can easily send a tank in to spy on the children. 🙂

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But more importantly, I enjoyed playing on the iPhone6 and 6Plus. The features that I love are –

  • Parental controls – so important in a household with growing children who are device crazy.
  • iTunes home – being able to share iTunes accounts with the family
  • Reachability – being able to double tap to bring the screen down for easy one hand messaging. Perfect for when I am on the go.
  • iOS8 which has in app text notifications which allows one to text while on an app.
  • Easy integration with all other Apple products.

The phones also have all the other features of Apple such as not requiring an anti virus, retina display and Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

I know I should not covet but I seriously covet anyone who owns the iPhone 6 Plus.

It was a lovely event and I came home with a Roachbot. Sad to have not won the iSpy Tank but with my navigation skills, it’s understandable.

Disclaimer: I was invited to a Test the Tech #AppandAway event. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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