Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer – Review

The children love Animal Crossing:New Leaf so they were thrilled to be get the new Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.

With Animal Crossing New Leaf you get to be a mayor and shift things around a home. With the new game – Happy Home Designer, you get to actually build and design your own home. You start the game by taking up a job in the Happy Home Academy.


Your first task is to decorate a customer’s room with a design that you choose.


As you cater to more residents’ requiring homes you become an interior designer and then go on to build schools, shops, homes, restaurants and offices which is great fun.



You have all the characters from the original game and Isabelle features often in the game.


What is great is that with the game, we received some Amiibo cards which enhance the game. The Amiibo cards are similar to the Amiibo figures and can connect to the NFC. Once you have designed two homes you can tap the Amiibo card and have the character transported into the game. You get different game play options as well with the cards. For example, the Nook’s Home Office gets an Amiibo phone so the new clients can connect with more ease.

You can even get an album in which to keep the cards. Series 1 has 100 cards to collect.


The children love Happy Home Designer and they play on it quite a lot as they are are familiar with the characters and the Animal Crossing play options.

The game is priced at about £29.99 and the Amiibo cards are priced at £5 a set which contain 3 cards each. The album is priced at about £9.

Disclaimer: We were sent the above game as part of being a Nintendo Family Blogger. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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