Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival Review

The children can’t have enough of their Nintendo Wii U games and when they could bring across their favourite game from their DS to the Wii U, they were thrilled.

We were sent the new Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival to review and it went down a hit with the children and me.



How to play Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival


Well, it’s rather like a board game that is played on the screen. What fun! You travel through different seasons around the board collecting points depending on where you land after throwing the dice. You place the Amiibo on the Wii U console and then start the game. As you go along the board you can buy turnips from Joan, much like in the Animal Crossing for the DS and also have celebratory days.


As you collect happy points (100) you get a happy ticket. Once you have sufficient Happy Tickets you can open up different minigames – Resetti Bop, Balloon Island, Mystery Campers, Acorn Chase, Fruit Path, Amiibo Card Battle, Quiz show and Island Escape.

Island escape is perhaps our favourite as you need to have 3 characters to join and find things to build a raft within a week without falling short of food. It’s great fun.

We also like the Quiz show and popping balloons.


To get into the mini games however you need to go around the board at least twice and each round can take upto an hour. While it may seem repititive, the children love it. As do I.

There are quite a few other game pieces you can unlock like different characters as well as customize your board so it is not just a few games to play.

Besides as you can play in different seasons, the background keeps changing too.

The game is priced at about £32 and includes 2 Amiibo figures and 3 Amiibo cards.

Disclaimer: As part of being a Nintendo Family Blogger, I was sent the above game to review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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