An Open Letter to Piers Morgan

Dear Mr. Morgan,

It was so kind of you to write that (half-baked) apology in the Daily Mail to Ariana Grande. Sadly, I don’t think it had the impact it should have. Or maybe it did. It yet again got you the publicity you crave.

I was annoyed when I read your tweet about Ariana. So were my children.

You see, unlike you, Ariana Grande is well-known in our family. We watch her shows and sing along with her songs. Her songs are played pretty often on the radio. I’m guessing, though, that you don’t listen to anything that doesn’t mention you?

It was indeed a grand gesture when the Queen visited the victims of the Manchester attack. But then, they are citizens of the country of which she is the Monarch.

Ariana, on the other hand, is a 23 year-old American singer. I’m guessing (again) that she must have been in shock and had a lot of relatives and friends waiting on the other side of the pond worrying about her safety. Plus, I’m sure there would have been security issues.

Yes, she didn’t wait and she rushed straight home. Much like any other young girl would have done. Much like her family would have expected.

You were angry, you say. We were all angry. We still are.  Innocent lives were taken so we were justified in being angry. But we didn’t think of taking out that anger on a 23 year-old girl.

Then things changed.

We heard that she was going to be back.

Hosting a concert.

With an impressive line up.

At a bigger venue.

In Manchester.

And I don’t see an apology on Twitter for your Tweet when you came to know about this. Just a patronizing tweet that went like this.


And when she visited the victims at the hospital? Another patronizing tweet!


The concert was but obviously a HUGE Success raising over £2 million for the victims of the Manchester attack. I’m just curious if any of that £2 million belonged to you?

And then of course, the grand gesture of a letter of apology to Ariana where despite boosting her image (not that she needs it from you) and talking about her ‘Blitz Spirit’, you manage to squeeze in something like – ‘Someone whose first reaction after that bomb exploded was to get the hell out of there.’ or ‘Yes, I know you were shocked by what happened that night but you weren’t actually bombed and many of your fans were’.

Too right, she has more compassion than you will ever have.

Too right, she has that amazing strength of character which clearly showed in her heartfelt performance on Sunday night. One which left many of us emotional as we watched the concert on our televisions at home.

And within my family, we just love and respect Ariana Grande all the more after her amazing gesture.

To me, your letter seems more about you and your justification of your remarks made about Ariana leaving the country than an apology. It seems to me – too little, too late.

Perhaps next time you should allow your anger to settle before your vitriolic tweet? It would save you writing this long letter of apology, for one.

Yours Sincerely…


P.S. I leave you with the amazing rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Ariana Grande (I’m sure you’ll always remember this song being sung by her!)



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26 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Piers Morgan

    1. I can imagine how shaken she must have been. Also, I’m sure being American, there would have been security issues. And besides, I’m sure that all decisions don’t lie completely with her.

  1. Such a great post. Ariana Grande has been amazing – she has handled the whole situation with such maturity and I doubt I’d be able to keep it together as much as she has, I end up in tears just thinking about Manchester. Piers just doesn’t think before he says things.

    1. Thank you. She has, hasn’t she? I was quite emotional seeing her perform especially when she is so young and she carried herself ever so well.

  2. He’s just a professional troll now, isn’t he? As long as he’s getting a reaction I don’t think he cares what he says. He could do with some time in the real world.

  3. I can’t stand Piers Morgan, i think he’s very judgemental. I don’t think he is as bad as Katie Hopkins, but still nasty

  4. We’re not the biggest fans of Piers Morgan and hate the reactive tweets he posts too. Some times he just doesn’t think and acts like a fool.*thats the polite way of saying it* Great post and totally justified!

  5. I really can’t stand Piers Morgan. But well done to Ariana Grande, I can’t imagine the kind of pain she’s been going through. And to have coped as well as she has given her young age is admirable. I wasn’t a fan of her’s before. But I am x

  6. I missed his tweets and I’m glad I did as they are awful. Poor Ariana. Like you have stated she is 23. I’m 24 and if that happened to me I would be running too. And I’m sure all of Ariana’s fans feel the same and back up Ariana 100%.

  7. Piers Morgan is the biggest idiot, cant believe the attention he gets from the stupid things he has said, well written!

  8. Good for you!!! Very well said and I agree. To criticise such a young girl for GOING HOME to her family after a horrific experience beggars belief. The man is a sandwich short of a picnic.

  9. Great letter. How can he judge her? he doesn’t know how it feels to be in the middle of a bombing. I think what Ariana has done by holdng another, much bigger consert in Manchester, shows us all how much she cares.

  10. Piers Morgan is one of the people in life that I can’t stand and he infuriated me with what he said about Ariana.. and then tried to apologise for it afterwards. Stupid man!

  11. It’s so pathetic to see Piers Morgan still opening his mouth and speaking so much nonsense. The apology came out as patronising and disingenuous – which it probably was.

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