An Entirely Magical Build-A-Bear Workshop Experience


Have you ever been to a Build-A-Bear Workshop store? It’s the one where the children’s feet always drag while passing. I am almost inclined to drag my feet too – everything looks so lovely.

Well, on Friday last, Ethan’s 5th birthday, none of us had to drag our feet but we walked right in. Yes, we were given an opportunity to review the build-a-bear experience.


Now, if you have ever been inside a store, you will realise that it is a magical place. It kind of holds you captive for about 2 hours and does not let you go, simply because the children will never be able to make up their minds as to what they want. I can’t really blame them.

Since we didn’t have any counter spells we were there for the whole two hours deciding on the bears they wanted and then the shoes and clothes.

I think most of us know what happens in a build-a-bear workshop – you choose which bear you want, stuff it, give it a heart, add a sound if you want, get some clothes and shoes and dress it. Simple, …or not!

It is a very serious process for a little child- giving their bear life. I guess giving life is serious business.

So….first you choose your bear or furry friend – there are other animals like kittens, Hello Kitty, Puppies, Pudsey – this is one of the hard parts. You look at everything and then look again…and again. The children would love to have one of each animal but then I would need a spare build a bear room at home.

After about 20 minutes of looking at all and cuddling a few , they finally decided – WOW!


Ethan decided on a bear – actually the mascot Bearemy. I think he decided on this because he had already taken a quick trip around the shop and wanted the bear to be dressed as an action figure.

Jadyn knew she wanted Twilight Sparkle and Aeryn didn’t really get to choose much as she wanted everything so I decided that she would have Rainbow Dash as she loves My Little Pony too.

Next, we had to stuff the bears and give them life. The children had great fun keeping their leg on the pedal and seeing the stuffing going into the bears/ponies. It is lovely to watch their faces.

The children had chosen their sounds – Jadyn and Aeryn had the My Little Pony theme song and Ethan wanted to record his own message. He said ‘Hello’ even though we told him he could say more but he wanted it as such and since it was his bear, I guess he knows best.

Then – the clothes. Ethan quickly decided on an Iron man costume and chose some awesome shoes to go with it.

Jadyn, typical girl, had her pony try on 2 – 3 outfits before deciding. And then, chose one for Aeryn’s pony in 2 seconds. The dresses are very cute – with sequins and flouncy, tutu skirts.

They also had to have shoes and yes – skates! I mean a pony without skates? We couldn’t have that, could we? Never mind that the pony has wings!

So we sat down and had the shoes fitted and then the skates.

Last but certainly not the least – we had their birth certificates printed out.

The Build-a-Bear Workshop has everything you could ever need for your bear – clothes, shoes and accessories. The great thing about the furry friends is that you can add different products to the collection as gifts for birthdays/ occasions.


It was the most enjoyable shopping experience I have had recently, there were no ‘let’s go home’ ‘when can we leave the shop?’ whines.

The children have not stopped playing with their toys and have them in their beds at night too. Jadyn spends a lot of time braiding Twilight Sparkle’s hair.


The entire experience was magical. I have to admit I would love to have one too. Are you ever too old for a cuddly toy?

The staff there were also completely lovely as they had had the uttermost patience with the children. Special thanks to Billy and very special thanks to Daniela who spent a lot of time with us and made our day unforgettable.


As Christmas slowly creeps up on us, this would make an ultimate Christmas gift for a little child. You can go online and purchase a furry friend if you like but my personal view is to purchase a gift card so that the child can witness the experience firsthand. It really is worth seeing the delight and happiness on a child’s face when they are creating the bear.

Ethan had a great birthday and Jadyn and Aeryn also enjoyed the day as they got a furry friend each too. And obviously if the children are happy….so am I.

A big thank you to Build-A-Bear Workshop for bringing smiles to the children’s faces – smiles that are here to stay! 🙂

We even made a video of the making of IronBear (that’s what Ethan’s bear is called, for obvious reasons!! )

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