An egg a day…

Eggs are the best food for breakfast as it contains protein, vitamins and minerals required for healthy growth and repair. Eggs can be scrambled, fried, poached, boiled or made into omelettes and frittatas. Eggs are also required for baking, pancakes, custard and a host of other main meals and side dishes.

I love omelettes. When they are fluffy and served with fresh bread, they are delicious. Perfect on their own too, omelettes are so versatile as there can be many additions to it – tomatoes, mushroom, onions, cheese, ham, peppers, spinach, even minced meat – the possibilities are endless.

I would love to be able to give my children eggs for breakfast everyday but I just manage to get them cereal, make up lunches and get everyone ready  and do the school run – literally!

I love cooking with eggs, adding them as a garnish or making main meals with eggs. In fact in the days to come I shall be preparing some main meals with eggs and am hoping to whip up something new and different.

I daresay I always thought it extremely easy to boil an egg but I always seem to get it either under cooked or overcooked and shelling it can have me taking away half of the egg.

I love to experiment with different ingredients in an omelette and I will also be posting about that in future and how it turns out. How do you make an omelette? Leave a comment below – I would love to know.

 Disclosure: I received the book ‘Eggs’ by Michael Roux as a thank you for writing this post. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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