An American Easter without Easter eggs? Not likely!!

Our first Easter in the USA – without Easter eggs!! Well, not entirely true because I managed to get some from over the pond but in the larger scale of things – yes, there are no Easter eggs in the USA.

I searched through every possible US grocery store – and there were none.

Quite an enigma because Easter egg hunts are huge here. So what do they hunt for? Plastic eggs filled with ‘candy’ – sounds very familiar to Halloween? Although possibly more cumbersome because someone does have to hide the eggs.

I tried to find out why there are no Easter eggs here. Do people not like chocolate? How can they not like chocolate?

Maybe it’s just the concept of the egg? Because there were Lindt chocolate bunnies and even chocolate lambs and chicks. And yes, I did see chocolate bunnies and chicks in the supermarkets too. And there were Easter baskets filled with goodies and chocolate.


I did manage to find some Creme eggs and Caramel eggs (the small kind) in Walmart and some Cadbury mini eggs in Sam’s Club but other than that not a single hollow egg – the large ones that we are used to in the UK.

None in the Lindt store, none in Godiva and none in any market.

Of course I couldn’t disappoint the kids (and myself) so I managed to bag some Easter eggs from the British Tea Store – I’m assuming they came all the way from the UK and they came surprisingly intact and all in one piece even surviving the hot weather conditions of the places it passed through. Phew!

I got some of our favorites but missed out on my personal favourite – Cadbury Flake Easter Egg!

When I asked someone about Easter eggs – I was met with a blank look and a ‘what’s that’! They are seriously missing out. Maybe I should introduce the concept to my kids’ friends and start an Easter egg franchise?

I’m surprised that in a land which cashes in on every holiday – there are oblivious to the selling power of chocolate eggs! I mean in the UK, we had eggs on the supermarket shelves just after the Christmas goodies were taken off.

We personally were able to keep up the tradition and indulge in eating chocolate eggs – Aero, Maltesers, Oreo and Buttons plus some bunnies and lambs for good measure. And were are making them last as long as we can.

What’s Easter without an Easter egg, eh?


2 thoughts on “An American Easter without Easter eggs? Not likely!!

  1. Wow! That’s something I’ve never really thought about, but as you say with all the commercialism and things I can’t believe ( Cadbury, if no-one else!) haven’t cashed in on Easter Eggs in the USA. Blimey, Mondelez are slipping lol

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