Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet – Review

My children (like most children of today) are quite addicted to their devices. While I am all for them being on the ball with the most recent tech, I also worry about the fact that I need to constantly monitor what they are accessing online and how long they are on their devices for. Luckily, I was sent the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet to review with the children and this allows me to have worry-free time while they are on it.

I’m not going to go into the technical details of the Fire HD 8 but instead give you our views on what we like about it.


It is basically a Kindle Fire HD 8 so it has the similar functions and looks. But it comes in a Kids Edition Case that gives it a different look entirely. It looks more sturdy and it has more grip. Definitely something that kids will not be able to drop in a hurry.  It does not come with a screen protector but Amazon gives you an amazing 2-year no quibble guarantee on this. They break it – Amazon will replace it. No questions asked. Whew!


I quite like how it performs. There are no fancy graphics or high speed RAM. But it does what it needs to do. It’s perfect for playing on or accessing simple apps and it great for streaming videos too. So you can actually watch Netflix and YouTube without problems. It doesn’t have a fancy camera either but lets face it, we don’t normally go around taking photos with the tablet.

It comes with 32 GB storage which is pretty good and if that’s not enough you can extend it unto 256GB with a memory card.

Fire for Kids App

This is obviously the main reason for the tablet being a Kids Tablet. The Fire for Kids App allows you to create profiles for your children. You can then allow them to access age appropriate titles from Books, Videos, Apps, Characters and the internet. Within the app, you can also set daily goals and limits for the children. For example – read for 10 minutes everyday before accessing games.

I was pleased to see that there are a number of good titles that can be accessed with characters such as Harry Potter, Fireman Sam etc.

There is a standard kids profile or you can set a teen profile for children over 11 where they can access slightly older content.

You can set educational goals for them. There are discussion cards that help parents to engage with their kids – sample questions and summaries. There is also a Parent Dashboard that gives you a daily report of the child’s device usage – reporting on videos watched and for how long.

The Fire8 HD Tablet for Kids comes with 1 year of Fire for Kids Unlimited giving you access to all the content you need to keep the children entertained.


Other Apps

You can also download other apps like Netflix and CBeebies to the Fire HD. Since the children are back to school, I’ve been pleased to see some great educational Apps on there that are based on the National curriculum.

Mathletics Student – Free

My children get assignments set by their school so its great to be able to access it on the Fire HD. It’s free and the world’s leading educational resource for mathematics, created by the team behind the World Education Games. Over 4 million students in schools across the world are a part of their global learning community.



How to Draw: Cartoon Characters – Free

The children and I love to draw Cartoon characters so this one went down a treat. You can draw various Cartoon Characters from different films and animated movies like Sponge Bob, Fairy Tinker Bell, Superman, Spiderman, Dora and many more. Each drawing lesson is divided in 10 to 20 steps, and it’s extremely easy to follow.



Anitales – Free


This is a great app for getting children to think and create stories. It  encourages children to create a story by choosing a story location, adding personalised characters, recording voice-overs and animation to bring your story to life. This colourful and beautifully illustrated world is fun for the whole family and allows you to connect and share your stories with friends.



Disney Junior Play – Free

This needs no introduction and I’m sure this app is on almost all kids’ tablets. There are loads of exciting games, puzzles, sing along videos, dress-up fun and sticker book scenes. The ‘Disney Junior Favourites’ pack is free with download and features four games and a sticker book. Play jigsaw puzzles to encourage problem solving, placement games to support logical thinking, and dress-up games to inspire imaginative thinking.


Kids – Free

I have no worries that the kids are watching inappropriate videos. This free app provides the best videos from YouTube for kids! Thousands of fun and safe cartoon videos. Kids channels, cartoons, games, songs and music, dance and a wide range of learning videos to help get rid of that rust that comes from a summer of fun.



The Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet is priced at £129.99 and the Fire 7 Kids Edition is priced at £99.99

There are available with covers in blue, pink or yellow.

We love this Kids Tablet and would definitely recommend it for children.


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2 thoughts on “Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet – Review

  1. Loved this review!
    I am looking to buy a tablet for my 3 year old niece. Do you think this would be the way to go? or should I look at other ones like vTech or Leap Frog, due to her age?

    1. It depends on what your niece likes to watch on a tablet. If it is YouTube videos (like mine would do), this is ideal. It is a kindle much like the one for adults except that it has parental controls and you can set up profiles etc. It is a tablet that will grow with your niece too so it’s a good long term investment.

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