Alphablocks Reading Programme Review


I like following up on teaching at home as being a teacher myself, I know it is not always possible to cater to each child’s individual needs. Unfortunately, that means that my children have to do extra homework and they sometimes wish I wasn’t a teacher.

I am always keen to review products that combine fun and learning and since the children enjoy watching Alphablocks on telly, I was quite happy to review the Alphablocks Reading Programme.


The AlphaBlocks Reading Programme has been launched by Alphablocks Magazine to support children foundation aged children and to develop and progress their reading ability. 

The programme, designed by phonics experts provides children with 15 Alphablocks Reading Programme magazines and Alphablocks resources aimed at stimulating children to reward their improving literacy including finger puppets, letter tiles, games and stickers, plus loads of gold stars to reward achievement. 

I thought the products in the first box were brilliant. There was so much we could do with the tiles and puppets and it’s great that you can also use them with the magazines.

They included –

  • Magazines 1 to 5 plus 166 stickers
  • 8 flashcards
  • 86 Alphablocks tiles
  • 150 gold stars
  • 4 Alphablocks games
  • Pencil case & pencil


I have found them really useful with my 3 year old who started Nursery this year and is beginning to do phonics. It was easy for her to identify letters and also to recognise letters in easy three letter words.


For Ethan, it was a great way for him to learn his spelling. He has a list of spelling every week and instead of writing them out time and time again,(which he hates)  I first get him to identify the letters in the spelling and put them together. I find he is better at remembering them this way and can write them out easily after this.


Ethan is quite a confident reader already but it does help with writing out letters too. They do the Nelson handwriting instead of cursive so these letters are fine for him to follow. I find the practice helps him with getting the ‘b’ and the ‘d’ right.

The box has all 26 alphabets and there is really so much to work with. This is a great reading programme as it echoes the Alphablocks on telly. It is also made more interesting by the magazine activities, writing and the flash cards and puppets that are so much more fun than just reading from a book.

The complete programme includes 3 packs and is priced at £39.99 If the first box was anything to go by, it is complete value for money. There is even a certificate at the end of the entire programme.


I definitely recommend it for children learning to read and who are not quite as interested in books. It is also a great way for getting the child away from those devices they are all so hooked on.

I will also be reviewing the next 2 boxes so do keep an eye out for those.

It would be a great gift for Christmas.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above box for review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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