All She’ll Want for Christmas – Barbie Malibu House: A Review

You may have seen our review of Barbie Cuddle and Feed Tawny Horse. We loved it and are enjoying playing with it. ‘We’ being the operative word.

But then, this turned up. And the girls in the house were transported into this wonderful world of pink and beauty.

We were sent the Barbie Malibu House to review.


This is no ordinary doll’s house. It’s a house for Barbie and has to be amazing. And it is. I’m gushing, I know. But the house deserves the ‘gush’.

The house has  two-storeys. It has 6 rooms and a staircase leading to the second floor.


Enter the gorgeous double doors into the foyer which has a beautiful chandelier. The living room is complete with a sofa and a coffee table. There is a table and 2 chairs to share a cup of tea. Walk up the stairs to the bedroom where Barbie has a comfortable bed to rest her head. What’s more, the bed folds up to become a cupboard which has storage space for Barbie’s clothes.


Upstairs is the family den which has ball chair and space where you can add your own iPhone so that Barbie can watch telly.

silhouette- barbie

We loved everything about it. But some of the bits that we loved more were –

The Barbie silhouettes and logos subtly woven into the designs  – the attention to detail.

The working parts – door to the shower, toilet seat, refrigerator door, oven door.


The plug and play features where there are grooves to add cups and plates and jugs etc. This is such a bonus as the pieces are small as one would expect from a doll’s house.

The extra bits like the aquarium column that make the house so much more attractive.


The fact that it can be folded for easy storage (it is quite a large house when opened)

The accessories – lamps, vases, pans, milk and juice cartons.

The house or it is more a mansion came with many other pieces of furniture like a vanity table, a table lamps, coffee table, a desk and much more. There were also stickers to add to the house.

I liked that the instructions were pretty clear and it was very easy to set up. It can be most annoying to have children waiting for you to set things up and you taking time because you don’t have clear instructions. This was totally not the case in this instance.


This is definitely on many little girls’ wish list this year for Christmas and rightly so.

To be honest when I looked at the price tag I was a bit sceptical about it. It retails at £99.99 which is on the expensive side. But looking at it closely and the attention to detail and the accessories and the hours of playing fun, I can understand the cost. It would have been nice if a Barbie doll had been included with it though, in my opinion.

Available at major retailers, get this one before it sells out for Christmas.

There are doll’s houses and then there’s the Barbie Malibu House!

Disclaimer: I was lucky to be sent this amazing house to review with my girls. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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