Ahoy There Me Hearties – It’s Bathtime with Matey


My children enjoy their bath. They also enjoy reading. What better way to combine two favourite things but by reading Matey’s bathtime book in the bath.

We were sent a special bathtime book by Matey and the children have been enjoying reading it in the bath.

Aeryn especially loves the book. It is a rhyming book so it is easy to read and pleasant to hear.

I was surprised to learn that for many parents bath time is considered the most stressful time of day. I can understand that if you have 3 children petrified of water going in their eyes! Otherwise, I think it is the most enjoyable time of day.

For one, the children are not sitting in front of the idiot box or jumping around screaming like Red Indians unless of course they are playing Red Indians having a bath. And two, I am not at the computer blogging for obvious reasons – which means its one-to one-time or one-to-three time if you like.


I was surprised to find that many Mums find bath time stressful. Emma G, the author of the Matey Bathtime book, was happy to know she had created a book to make bathtime fun for both parents and children.

My little mermaids and merman enjoy their bath and this made it even more enjoyable as we pretended to be pirates.

The book is a limited edition book and tells the story of Max Matey, Molly Matey and Peg Leg. ‘Very pirate- y’ as Ethan says. I like being able to read to them in the bath and chat about the book. It is engaging and brightly coloured and has not ripped yet, despite being subjected to some very harsh pulling and tugging. These Pirates, I tell you!

Do pick up this book for your child/children. I am sure it will ease the stress of bath time.

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