Ahoy Me Hearties – Interplay Pirate Party Review

You don’t need an excuse to have a party so yesterday we decided to have one – for no reason.

pirate party craft

Well, not exactly – you see, we had a Pirate Party kit from Interplay at home and we could not wait to get started. We had invited some friends who had children but the plans fell through last minute so we decided to go ahead with the party anyway.

Pirate party 2

The Pirate Party set contains everything you need to have a really great pirate party – other than the food, of course.

It contains –

6 Pirate treasure chest

6 Pirate hats with adjustable headbands that can be attached

6 Eye Patches

6 Elastic cords

6 Self Adhesive Skull and Crossbones decals

6 Paint brushes

12 pots of paint (3 of each in black, yellow, brown and white)

Imitation gold doubloons


I think that is a very clever set as it has activities for the party and can also be used to play games. The instruction sheet has some ideas for games like Pass the Cannonball, Treasure Dash, The Captain Says etc and it provides very clear instructions on how to make the hat, eye patch and the treasure chest.

Pirate party 1

We enjoyed decorating the treasure chests. Of course, please do not forget to keep newspaper for the children to spread before they attempt the painting.

pirate party4

We then made our pirate hats and this was really simple as the skull decals are self adhesive so we didn’t need glue to make things even messier.

I really wish it was Ethan’s birthday as this would be perfect for a Pirate themed party. One could even ask the children to come dressed as pirates to make it more fun.

pirate 2

The treasure chests are ideal take home gifts and one can add chocolate coins to them instead of a sweety bag. In fact the chests are so well made that I am going to use one of them to store my earrings etc. 😉

At £24.99, it is absolutely great value for money as this is all you will need for activities, games and even take home gifts. All you need to see to is the food and the decoration.

The children were thrilled to make the treasure chests and then go onto the pirate hats and eye patches. Though it may be targeted to boys, I can say that my girls had just as much fun.


Interplay also has other party sets like Treasure Box Party, Mad about Ponies Party and Fairy Princess Party. They are suitable for children aged 5 – 8 and I think that this is an excellent idea of having everything in the one box.

Disclosure: We were sent the above Pirate Party Set for review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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