AEG L89499FL Washing Machine Review

Last week, I was sent something that I have been after for sometime now – a new AEG L89499FL washing machine!

You know how you are not happy with your present machine but really can’t find an excuse to change it as it still works. Yeah – that was me. I wanted a larger capacity and one that was a bit more modern than what I had.

Thanks to AEG my wishes have been granted, together with a few amazing extras thrown in.


So, I have the larger capacity – the new machine is a 9 kg one. It is WAY more modern than the one I had. And the extras – they are amazing.

We’re talking steam wash, OKOMIX, silent mode (it really works) and a host of other functions.

Let’s talk about some of them  that I tried (Yes, I did do a bit of extra washing this week)

Apart from the normal functions like washing cottons at temperatures upto 95°C and synthetics etc, there are some cool functions that are suited to me and my family.


The first one that I really like is the Anti-allergy function which is great for white cottons and it is supposed to remove micro-organisms. Great for bedding as Ethan suffers from mild eczema. I have tried this and I don’t know about the micro-organisms as I didn’t use my microscope (I know, bad joke), but the bedding felt really soft and looked clean. Ethan also remarked that the sheets felt softer.

The machine comes with Optisense meaning that it senses the load of washing and it tells you how much of detergent to add and adjusts the time of wash accordingly. It is advised the the machine is switched on when it is being loaded as the panel indicates how much of load is being put in to wash.

There is a special function for duvets and blankets and with the capacity of the machine being as it is, this is something I tried right away.


The other function that I was slightly in awe of is the Steam function. It is great for clothes that have been worn just once but still need a freshen up. It removes odours and reduces creases too so it can be used after you have washed the clothes. It’s great for clothes that you may need to use the next day and need a freshen up before worn.

This is a machine that not only provides great washing care for our clothes but it also saves money as it saves me money on energy and water bills. It has an A+++ energy rating.

Another innovation is ÖKOMix –  the pre-mixing technology that mixes your detergent and conditioner with water before it enters the drum to ensure that there is even distribution.

It is also Woolmark accredited so it means that all woollens and delicates are taken the utmost care of.

Best of all, it has an auto off functions which switches the machine off when it has not been used for 5 minutes after the end of the cycle. It also switches off if you activate the machine with the on/off button and take longer than 5 minutes to choose cycles and press the start button.


It features delay start and washes efficiently at 30° too. The quick wash takes about 20 minutes at 30°.

The machine is quiet (very quiet), there’s no loud noise even with the spin cycle. And you can also use the machine on an extra silent programme which eliminates all spin cycles.

Do read the instructions on loading the detergent if you purchase one of these as there are a few things you need to be aware of while doing so.


It is a free standing machine requiring a cold fill.

The AEG L89499FL is priced at £579 and is available at John Lewis.

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