Adventures of the Steampunk Pirates: Attack of the Giant Spiders – Book Review

I am trying to get Ethan to read more chapter books and this was just what he needed – The Adventures of the Steampunk Pirates – Attack of the Giant Spiders.

We loved the illustrations and even Aeryn (3) enjoyed the book being read to her.


 The Story

The Steampunk Pirates jump at the chance to earn a handsome reward in return for doing some snooping. But when they find themselves sandwiched between the Dread Captain Inky beard and a spider on the attack, it’s time to beat  retreat. Can they escape without a scrape or have the robotic rebels ticked their last?

Comical  characters, daft puns, fast dialogue and even faster action make these collectable books irresistible.

From Blue Peter awardwinner Gareth P. Jones and complete with theme tune, this hilarious new series has been met with high praise!

The Author

Gareth P. Jones is the author of many books for  children, including the Ninja Meerkats series, and The Considine Curse, for which he won the Blue Peter Book of the Year 2012 award. He also works as a producer of TV documentaries.Gareth has produced a breathtaking robotic-pirate costume and can guarantee to get a roomful of children laughing. 

He lives in London with his wife, son and brand new baby daughter.

Ethan has been learning about pirates in school so the book came at a great time where we could tie in learning at school and home reading, although of course these pirates are a bit different. We loved the theme song and tried giving it different melodies.

The book is a fun read and would appeal to children of the target age. There were lots of giggles and we enjoyed reading the book as part of a bedtime routine.

Ethan read it

The book is priced at £5.99 and I would highly recommend the book.

If you would like to win a copy of the book head over to twitter and follow me @jacintaz3 . It’s only for the day so be quick.


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