Advantages of Booking a Tailor-made Holiday

When you deserve a holiday, every bit of it should be easy and relaxing – including the planning. Wanderlusting can be fun, but when you’ve got three kids to take into consideration it becomes more of a challenge to find something that everybody will agree on. If you’re in the same boat as me, tailor-made holiday could be just the ticket for you. It’s a great compromise between a package holiday and a self-researched trip, as we get all of the ease of booking combined with individual touches, which is ideal for larger groups and kids.

Staff Expertise

The main advantage to booking a bespoke holiday with a travel agent is being able to find out first-hand about your chosen destination. As the staff at Round The World Experts explain, they travel extensively themselves and are able to share genuine experiences to help you make decisions. They’ll be able to point you in the right direction if you’re unsure about particular things, and give advice if you’re concerned about anything from the language to finding the best food. They’ll also have staff on the ground world wide, so you can contact the travel agency to navigate social customs or in an emergency to get the help you need.

Minimal Fuss

One of the hardest parts of planning a family holiday is making arrangements to suit everybody’s age, interests, mobility levels, and dietary requirements. Booking a tailor-made package holiday allows you to transfer all those stresses to a paid professional, leaving you free to go swimsuit shopping. Your travel agent will be able to plan an itinerary based on your interests, needs, and budget, and confer with you about anything you’d like to do or make changes to – including big days out with the kids, or squeezing in a romantic dinner out with your partner. You’re also going to be well-informed about any safety issues about your destination, with no unpleasant surprises.

Low Cost According to the Independent, package holidays have steadily been on the rise with Brits due to the combination of convenience and low cost. The all inclusive price is a huge ‘yes’ for most travellers, be them young professionals or large families, saving effort in booking different hotels and excursions while guaranteeing breakfast and dinner during your stay. It’s especially cost-effective if you’re planning a big ticket holiday to destinations in the US and Canada, Asia, Africa, or Australia, where you can take advantage of excellent exchange rates.

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