Adult devices or Kid safe devices – which one is for your child?

My children are constantly on the iPad or the Hudl or my phone and though I have proper controls in place, I do worry that they are sometimes being exposed to media that is not for them. I am also afraid that they are becoming too reliant on these devices to pass time  – I have to admit that sometimes I do rely on these devices to keep them quiet, especially when I am cooking or on the laptop myself.

My children do not have access to texts or emails as I feel they are too young to be using these. However, I was quite amazed to find out that the average 10 year old has sent 116 texts and 85 emails.

I do have quite a few educational apps on my devices but I have to admit that the children are more interested in the games. I do not want my children to be disconnected from technology as we live in an age that revolves around it. However, I do wish to encourage my children to work with child specific devices so I know that they are suited to their age.

In a survey conducted by VTech it was found that –

Despite believing their child benefits from using mobile phones and tablets over half (57%) of parents worry about their child’s safety.   The Kid Connect report reveals nearly two thirds (64%) of children use their parents’ mobile phones or tablets however, their use isn’t always monitored.  A worrying 29% of 1-2 year olds know how to unlock their parents’ phone and 1 in 4 children (24%) use their parents’ devices without their knowledge. However, more worryingly, is that 13% of children have dialled 999 by accident from their parent’s mobile and 15% have accessed something online that was inappropriate for their age.


There is a clear demand by children to use modern technology and keep connected, but currently only  23% of children currently own their own child-safe electronic device.  In response, VTech, the leaders in age-appropriate electronic learning have launched the InnoTab 3S, the latest from Europe’s best selling toy range, boasting a range of capabilities including Wi-Fi, a Kid Safe Web Browser and the exclusive communication application – Kid Connect, allowing children to message, go online, share pictures and play games all in a child safe environment and in a way they have never been able to before.

“There’s no shying away from the fact that children are more tech savvy and connected to the world and each other than ever before; actively consuming digital technology from a very early age.  This is a positive development and at VTech we aim to bridge the gap between providing the technology children are demanding and ensuring their safety whilst doing so.  The InnoTab 3S is the first of its kind, to bring the functionality of an adult device – internet, messaging, games and photo sharing, but all under the Kid Connect and Kid Safe Web Browsing technology,’  says Charlotte Johnson at VTech

With Christmas nearly upon us, I am now thinking of presents (its not too late, is it?) and looking at products that I know the children will enjoy playing with. Too many presents get left by the wayside after Christmas day and it seems such a waste. I do think that it is better to get the children one gift that may be expensive and they will enjoy rather than getting them a number of gifts that they will play with for just a short time.


The Innotab 3S is definitely something that I am considering and I am soon going to be reviewing it on my blog. If you are thinking along these lines, please do come back and visit.

Here are some top reasons for giving a child a mobile device from the report conducted by VTech

Kid Connect Report – Top reasons for giving a child a mobile phone or tablet:
1. To educate them                                                                                  42%
2. To stop your child from being bored                                       34%
3. To keep your child quiet                                                                  26%
4. Free your time so you can get on with other things         20%
5. To keep your child still                                                                      18%

I have to admit that I have been guilty of all of them on occasion. What about you? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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