The Adorable Pusheen the Cat Plush Toys – Review

It’s amazing how a little concept can gain so much popularity. Of course, it has to be cute and it has to be cuddly. I’m talking about the new character taking the world by the whiskers – Pusheen the cat.

Now, I’m sure you’re no stranger to the name. If you are, you seriously need to be looking this up right now online.

Pusheen Cat was created in 2010 and was initially a character in a comic strip. It is now the main character in the book – I am Pusheen the Cat and the coveted range of plush toys and other stationery items.


We were thrilled to be sent this lovely Pusheen Potato Crisps from the new Snackables lines which see Pusheen munching on crisps, pizza and sushi.

Our lovely little Pusheen is grey in colour and holds a bag of Potato crisps in one hand and a crisp in the other. It has whiskers on either side of it’s face and little feet. Pusheen has three stripes on it’s back and a stripey tail. It is extremely soft and utterly adorable. Needless to say – Aeryn can’t stop cuddling it. Believe me, if you had one, you wouldn’t stop either.

We were also thrilled to be sent the Pusheenosaurus which Ethan went crazy about. It’s a gorgeous light green colour with spikes on it back in a darker green. It has a striped tail and a seemingly angry face but it so adorable. As with all Pusheen plushes, it is super soft and super cuddly.

Here’s a little more about the new range –

Pusheen fans across the UK are in for a treat as GUNDAmerica’s most prestigious soft toy company and the only official global licensee of Pusheenplush toys —has revealed new additions to its best-selling product line.  

Available online via the GUND website starting in late April, the new Pusheen plush soft toys feature the internet sensation grey tabby cat, and social media superstar with over nine million followers on Facebook, in a variety of poses and costumes. 

Foodie fans will absolutely adore the new additions to the popular Snackables line, with Pusheen munching her way through bag of potato chips, enjoying a sushi roll or two, and snacking on a slice of pizza.   

Building on the foodie theme, fans can celebrate a special occasion with Pusheen holding a birthday cupcake. Meanwhile, collectors are sure to love the Pusheen Baking Collectable Set, featuring Pusheen and her little sister Stormy adorned in their kitchen gear ready to cook up a treat. 

Commenting on the new products, Helen Shield, Director of Marketing for GUND, said: “Pusheen fans are extremely loyal to the brand so we’re really excited to bring these new products into the plush range for our customers to enjoy.”  

“We’ve found that there’s a huge demand for our plush soft toys featuring Pusheen eating some kind of sweet treat,” added Shield. “The donut, cookie and ice cream products have gone down particularly well, so it made sense to develop the range further to show Pusheen devouring other foods too.” 

GUND is also expanding its range of Pusheen soft toys to cater to fans of fantasy. Building on the much-loved Pusheenosaurus and Pusheenicornnew products include Pusheen dressed as a cute cupid as well as a mysterious mermaid.

The Potato Crisp Pusheen is priced at £24 and the Pusheenosaurus is priced at £26. They are suitable for children over 1 year of age and are hand washable. They are the perfect gift for anyone – you really can’t go wrong with it.

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