Acuvue – Through My Eyes

I never liked glasses. I thought it made one look ugly and I didn’t want to look ugly. So, I hid the fact that I couldn’t really see clearly for a long time.

In high school, I couldn’t see the board from way back but I said nothing because I knew that I would be taken to test my eyes and I would have to wear glasses.

As I grew older, I knew that my eyesight was getting worse. When I joined college, I decided to test my eyes and yes – I did need glasses. My power was not very high but I got a pair of glasses anyway. They were not very trendy and I didn’t mind as I knew I would never be wearing them anyway.

All I did was use them at home to watch television. I could never be seen outdoors in those glasses or any glasses for that matter.

I needed to look my best and in those days I was very, very particular about my appearance. My hair gleamed, my nails were always done, I always wore make up and dressed to impress. Glasses did not go with this image!

I never gave much thought to contacts. First of all, they were costly. Secondly, the thought of inserting something into my eye filled me with dread. Thirdly, it did seem rather expensive.

I think at that time, there was not much information about contact lenses. Very few people wore them and many used them only to go to parties for a glam look. For everyday use, glasses were still the rage.

When I started work, I still didn’t use my glasses and my power slowly increased. I knew I could see less into the distance. My power which was 0.5 had now increased to about (-) 1.5

Then, I had a friend who worked at an opticians and she managed to convince me to trial some contact lenses. She showed me how to insert them and the first time I probably had tears streaming down my eyes for about 15 minutes flat. Ouch, they did burn! I knew I was doing something wrong so I decided to take steps mentioned – clean hands, use the contact lens solution to clean the lenses and then insert them and voila I had it right. They looked good – I mean I looked the same really but I could see and I didn’t have those unsightly glasses.

I bought six month’s supply of monthly disposable contact lenses and used them only for parties or to go somewhere special in the beginning. Then later as I got more used to them, I started using it more regularly.

When I went to test my eyesight again, I was pleasantly surprised. My eyesight had got slightly better and dropped by (-) .5

Now my eyesight has remained at a constant and hasn’t increased. I wear contact lenses everyday and it makes feel so much more confident about my looks and image. People also comment that I look nice when I am not wearing my glasses.

I had an opportunity to meet the Acuvue Team at BritMums Live 2014, that I attended recently and it was great to be able to chat with the team about lenses, comfort factor and how anyone can suitable wear contact lenses.

I was also pleasantly surprised to hear that children as young as 5 can also wear contact lenses as I previously had a misconception about it. I know how it feels to one’s self confidence to be wearing glasses when young so at least if my children need glasses, I will be able to offer them contact lenses through my personal experience, without being worried if they are safe.

 Disclaimer: I wrote this review while participating in an influencer campaign on behalf of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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