A World Book Day Poem

Today is World Book Day in the UK and anyone who knows me will know how much I love books and reading. I thought I would put my reading to test and write a poem that perhaps relates life to reading.

world book day

Fairy tales are for fairies

Reality’s a different tale.

You can huff and puff with all your might-

But never make a sale.

The Prince Charming you’ve always dreamed of?

The big bad wolf may be;

And that little pig with the house of straw?

Might be you in the end, you see.

You’ll never be given those magic beans,

Or a hen that lays golden eggs,

That porridge pot you thought was ‘hot’

Has left you just with dregs.

The grass yonder maybe greener,

But beware – the Wicked Troll.

He’s always lying in wait for you

And always in a different role.

Your magic lamp has no Genie

No matter how hard you rub.

Your carpet won’t fly you to magical lands

And your beanstalk’s just a shrub.

Your Fairy God Mother is never around,

And your coach is always a pumpkin,

You’ll never get sent that royal invite

‘Coz you’re considered a country bumpkin.

Your Beast won’t change into a prince,

And Beauty of course you’re not!

You won’t get that kiss after 100 years,

And you’ll end up asleep in your cot.

If you eat the poisoned apple

Chances are, there’s no kiss of life.

The mirror on the wall, will tell it all

And add to all your strife.

The Dwarfs you always trusted

Just want to make you their slave.

The Gingerbread man runs as fast as he can

And leaves you behind with a wave.

So, live in the world we live in

And not in a fairy tale

You’ll end up being successful

If you’re honest, you’ll never fail.

Don’t look for lamps and carpets

They’ll never ever appear.

Just take life one day at a time

With ‘happily ever after’ near.

Copyright Jacinta 2014

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