A watch to match each outfit – Swap Watch from Cool Create

When you are a blogger, like I am, you will probably notice that your children get a tad bit spoilt. When they see something on television that they would love to have – they say ‘that would be lovely for a review on your blog’. At least mine do!

Fortunately for them, they have been quite lucky and have been getting quite a few products that they have seen advertised on telly and would ‘love’ to have and yes – that are lovely to review on my blog.

This is one of those products. When Jadyn saw the _blank” rel=”nofollow”>Swap Watch advertised, she coveted it. What a thrill for it to be send to her for a review shortly after.


Every little Diva needs a watch to match her outfit and since this is a little impossible, what could be better than being able to change the look of your watch to match your outfit?

The Swap Watch set comes with a huge number of accessories and the fun bit is that you can make the straps just the way you like.

swap watch

The straps are great for daily wear but to glam it up one can use the beads. There are so many combinations that can be used so the watch looks different every time.

Jadyn wears hers to school and the girls are most interested in knowing where she got it from. She is super thrilled to be sporting it on her hand and takes pride in changing the straps to suit her outfit or her mood. 🙂

swap watch 1

I love sets like these that are functional and unleash creativity and keep the children engaged.

It would have been nice if there was a box included in which one could keep the various accessories.

I was also a little disappointed that one of the watch covers broke while we were pushing the straps through so I would say be careful while attaching the straps.  There are of course more covers so it is not the end of the world.

swap watch 2

Apart from this, I feel this is rightly targeted to slightly older girls as I know they seem to have toys for little ones but older girls especially tend to lose out as they are too old for dolls but too young for make- up.

I really like that the colours are not all pink and there are blue and green combinations too.

This would make an ideal gift for any little girl aged 7 + and I do think that this age is appropriate as there can be some fiddly bits when making the straps.

The set is priced at £14.99 and is part of the Cool Create range from Flair.I think it is great value for money because you are also getting a working watch as part of the package.

Children can also sign up to join the Cool Create Club where there are competitions and activities and you can also see your creations displayed on the Cool Create Wall!

Cool Create has a lot of creative sets for girls like this Daisy Chain set which I reviewed here. 

Disclaimer: I was send the above set for review. All opinions and ideas are my own.

2 thoughts on “A watch to match each outfit – Swap Watch from Cool Create

  1. I do love this idea as it hones fine motor skills and creativity to some degree but I wish they wouldn’t make them so pink and glittery.As I haven’t brought up my girls that way it puts me off buying something like that, which is a shame.

    1. My daughter has also outgrown the colour pink. There are blues and greens in the set too so she is quite happy with it.

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