A Visit to Irvine Park Railroad, Orange County

It’s officially pumpkin season – to be honest, it has been for a couple of weeks now. Social media is all abuzz with the perfect pumpkin pictures. I had to jump on the bandwagon and get those perfect pictures out there too.

To do so, I had to visit the perfect place for pumpkin pictures.


Being (fairly) new to Southern California, I was researching places to visit with the kids when I stumbled across Irvine Park Railroad. With a pumpkin patch, paddle boats, train ride, and other fun stuff, I knew this would be a perfect choice. It’s also just a short drive from where we live.

The area around Irvine Park Railroad is lovely with beautiful scenery. Tucked away, you’ll find this adorable Park which also houses the Orange County Zoo.

To enter, there is a charge of $5 which is more a parking fee actually. Parking wasn’t too hard to find even though we reached there almost at midday but the lots were quite full.

We first made our way to the eating area and the prices were pretty reasonable. The kids loved the dinosaur nuggets. 🙂

We needed the exercise after the meal so we decided to head for the bike rentals.

We rented a double surrey and this was $40 for the hour. I can tell you this much, it’s not as easy as it looks. With the older two in front, it was not easy keeping the bike on track. Thank goodness we didn’t end up in the lake. I wonder if insurance would have covered that! Helmets are provided free of charge.

The lake is beautiful, as you can see.

The pumpkin patch was where we headed next and this was a lovely little spot of photos. There were also a few game booths and face painting and pumpkin carving areas.

Of course, we couldn’t leave without a ride on the train. The price is $6 per person. It’s an adorable little ride.

After that, it was time for the hay maze. I think this is more for little ones as it’s an easy maze and adults are able to look over the entire maze.

We didn’t have time to go on the paddle boats or the Orange County Zoo but that just means we’ll have to go back.

It is a great outing for the entire family and you can pack a picnic as there are quite a few picnic areas. If you visit the website at Irvine Park Railroad, you can download some discount coupons to use on the day. There’s so much to do there that you can quite easily spend the whole day there. We’re looking forward to visiting over the Christmas season as I’m sure it must be beautifully decorated.




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