A safer drive with the KIDFIX XP car seat from Britax

Being a Britax ambassador means I get to test some of their impressive products. I reviewed the B-Motion Pushchair earlier and I am happy to say that I still use it while out and about. This time I was happy to review the KIDFIX XP car seat in the 2/3 group for children aged between 4 – 12 years.

Safety while driving with children is something that cannot be taken lightly and this is why I am happy that I have the KIDFIX XP from Britax.


This car seat features an innovative addition that makes the car seat even safer on impact.

What I liked about the car seat –

It is well padded and makes it comfortable for a child to sit in. We have had a seat before but that was quite hard in comparison to this as there was just a bit of sponge on the cover.

The XP-Pad which is a new innovative feature and ensures that in case of a frontal impact it takes away 30% of the force away from the child’s neck against using the adult belt alone. This is attached to the seat and Ethan quite likes having the extra addition to his seat. He imagines it some kind of megaforce weapon from Ben10 or Transformers.

The seat is forward facing and is quite large so it will be perfect even as the child grows. Having said that, it fits perfectly in our 7-seater car.

It attaches with ISOFIX which helps a lot as the seat does not move about and is fixed firmly in place.

Ethan is of course held in place with the adult seat belt but there are seatbelt guides so you know that you are doing it right.

The side wings are also padded and provide maximum side impact protection.

The headrest is adjustable and this is easy to do as I have been found to struggle with other seats while doing so.


As you can see Ethan enjoys sitting in his car seat and I am a happy Mum knowing that he has added protection.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Britax KidFix car seat to review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

2 thoughts on “A safer drive with the KIDFIX XP car seat from Britax

  1. We are looking for a seat for our 5 year old to move into so her younger sister can have her evolva123 unfortunetely this one is isofix and we don’t have that but I really like the idea of the head and body protection over just a booster seat, all our seats are Britax, I do like them.

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