A relaxing night in with Goodfellas

I love technology – it’s what connects me to friends and family far away, to the world and more importantly to the world of blogging.

But sometimes….just sometimes I wish I could just switch off all technology and spend some time as in the old days. Do I sound old? Well, maybe I am getting there!

I probably speak to my husband more on the phone than I do at home!  Just Kidding!!

Anyway, I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to spend some quality time with the family and here’s how we spent the evening.

I must mention that this was sponsored by Goodfellas and I had this awesome box delivered one afternoon to help me plan the most relaxing night in.

Here’s the box – Doesn’t it look lovely?



And what was inside was even lovelier!

The contents included –

2 scented candles

A Pizza Stone and cutter

2 bottles of Blossom Hill wine (White and red)

A funky bottle opener

The Classic Chillout Album CD

A disposable camera

A £3 voucher to purchase Goodfellas  Extra Thin Pizzas for the night


It was really nice to be able to spend some quality time together as a family. We shut down our social media links (all phones and tablets switched off), and I must admit it felt a bit strange as I spend a lot of time on Twitter and Facebook.

We sat together and watched Epic on DVD and ate some popcorn. Then we played a few board games like Santa’s Rooftop Scramble and Burping Burt.

The children were excited at having an evening in – we had decorated the house with some Halloween decorations and the enjoyed the Goodfellas pizzas most of all. We had tried out the Pepperoni and Chorizo and the Vegetables and Goat’s Cheese ones.


The CD includes many lovely soothing songs that can really help one chill –we listened to it while sipping wine after the children had gone to bed and with the candles burning – it was quite a romantic night in.


I love the Pizza Stone and cutter and I cannot wait to try out my own pizza too. Of course, I do know that getting the base right is not too easy so till I make up my mind to try one on my own, there is always Goodfellas as it is so easy to make a meal of it.

We took a few photos with the disposable camera and once I finish the film, I am actually looking forward to taking them to be developed rather than having them on the computer as always.

A big thank you to Goodfellas for helping us put together a perfect night in.

It reminded me that one does not really need to spend a whole lot of money to make a night special and I am determined that we will be doing this more often as a family.


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