A Perfect Cup of Coffee – OXO French Press Review

I love having a strong coffee and so does my husband. We also prefer the ground coffee to the instant version.

It was great news to be able to review the French Press from OXO.


 It is fairly simple to use and the coffee is ready in minutes.

french press

All you need to do is put the ground coffee in the press, add hot water and give it a stir and then add the cover. (do not press the plunger down at this stage)

Let it rest for 4 minutes and then press down the plunger and presto you have a nice strong coffee.

If you like it black, well, there is nothing further to do or else add milk and you have an excellent tasting cup of coffee.

The coffee press is easy to use and is durable and of a great quality. It is also easy to clean the grounds as they are easy to pick up via the ‘ladle’. I did have a few grounds escape into the carafe but this was so little that they really did not escape into my wonderful coffee.

The stainless steel outer shell and the glass carafe make it look great on the kitchen counter too. Besides it does not occupy much space at all.

The sturdy handle has soft grips make it easy when pouring and handling. It also has convenient measurement markings for desired number of cups.

It is also great to have when guests are over as it makes 8 cups at a time.

With great quality, easy cleaning, good coffee and the OXO name behind it, what’s not to like about it?

french press2

With Christmas coming up, this would make an excellent present for any coffee lover.

It is priced at £35 and is great value for money.

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