A New School Year…Where does time go?

I can’t quite believe the summer is over – literally! It’s gotten a lot cooler now. It seemed like just the other day that I picked the children up after their last day of the school year and I was wondering how I would keep them occupied during the six weeks of summer. I needn’t have worried – we had a great time and time really flew. I shall be writing all about that soon.

Last night as I got the things ready for today (yes, I am a bit of a last minute person), I was wondering where the years have flown.

The little girl I dropped off to Reception, not long ago (or so it seems) is now in Year 5. I shall be going for Open days this year to check out secondary schools.

The little boy who started full time school last year is now in Year 1 and seemed so grown up as he offered advice to his little sister last night as she joins the Nursery.

And then – my little girl will be joining them at school in the Nursery.

As much I keep telling myself I have been looking forward to this day and as have so many friends and family told me the same – 3 hours of peace, I know I shall be lonely. I love spending time with the children.

This year there is a new curriculum so I am going to need to work more with the children.

This year my little boy will get free school meals that have been made compulsory in his school and that I am not so happy about.

New teachers, new friends (as children in the classes have been shuffled and regrouped), new things to learn both for the children and myself as I see them grow and blossom into confident young people.

A School Year – And I am looking forward to joining them in their journey.

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