A Mother’s Day Tribute


Today is the first Mother’s Day without my mum who passed away last September. Here is a small tribute to the wonderful person she was.





My Mom – she was an angel


My Mom – she was an angel, albeit without wings,

She brought us up with love and care that only angels bring.

Her gentleness would shame one,

She had a heart of gold,

She loved without condition,

She loved all – young and old.

She may have often showed distaste

At something said or done,

But all was soon forgiven

In a million – she was one.

She had a quiet inner strength

That helped along the way,

She never failed or let one down

Whether night or day.

The good are often called too soon,

Her time on earth was done.

She paid the price not meant for her,

A very hefty one!

She suffered – always smiling

She never let us see

The endless pain that she endured

So that we may be free-

Free of the burden of sadness

Of seeing her suffer so.

But then- she was an angel

And she went where angels go.

No pictures need remind me

I carry her in my heart,

And she is never far from me

Though we’re heaven and earth apart.

I miss her every single day,

But I know she’s always near

To watch me and to guide me,

And I walk without a fear –

A fear of getting stumbled

Along lifes rocky road;

I know she’s there to catch me

And lighten up my load.

It feels so good to have a star –

A guiding star above

To show me paths that I should take,

And fill my world with love.

I hope there lies within me

A tiny bit of her:

That gentleness and strength of mind

To remember how it were.

I know that she protects me

In ways I cannot see.

My Mom – she is an angel

And she watches over me.



© Jacinta 2013







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