A Greeting card or a Game? It’s a Greeting Game…


I love getting cards. Don’t you?

A specially chosen card from a special someone has a lot of meaning.

However, times are changing and technology plays an important part in all our lives. Instead of going out and purchasing a card, it is simple and convenient to get one online. You don’t have to move from the comfort of your home and jostle the crowds to pick up a card.

With that special day around the corner, the day of LOVE, the day when cards are sent in millions, the day when proposals are made, the day when love is spread through cards and gifts, it is but natural to want to send (and receive) a card.


There are many E-card websites to choose from but I was especially drawn to Greeting Games. We all love to play games online and have at one moment or the other been addicted to a certain game. (Oops…you haven’t?)

What is Greeting Games about?

Tingly Games, founded by two veterans of the videogame industry, is launching a brand new concept in digital greeting cards in time for Valentine’s Day.  Pairing casual games with eCards, Greeting Games give senders and receivers a new way to communicate their love and affection with tailored casual games and in-game messages. 

 Senders can personalise their Valentine’s Day greeting game by selecting from a choice of 25 different game style combinations.  They can also add special comments at the end of each level, set the difficulty level of a game, include their Facebook avatar, and more. According to the Greeting Card Association, the UK public shows its romantic side by spending more per card for Valentine’s Day than on any other card-sending occasion. 

Message in a Bottle Match 3

How did I get on?

It was really simple to set up an account and you can even sign up with Facebook. Then all you do is choose your card – birthday, valentine, get well, thank you, just for fun. You can then choose your game and personalize your card to add your own message and send it to the person’s email address. Easy, quick and convenient.  I think it is a super, innovative idea and one that will be fun as well as deliver your message. I mean, what could be better than getting a Get Well card with a game to play to relieve the boredom?

Romantic Trip Mahjong

It is also great fun creating the card as you get to play the game to preview the card. What fun!!

Romantic Trip Word Search

The games include many popular games like Slicer, Mahjong, Word games, Match 3 or Jigsaws so there really is something for everyone. I think it’s great as it will also let the person know how well you know them to send them their favourite game.

At the moment when you sign up, you can get 2 cards free and after that you will have to pay but with cards that cost as little as 1.59, who would not avail of the offer?

Message in a Bottle Blaster

Greeting Games does not require Flash Player so it is suitable across all platforms which is really handy if you forget to send a card. You can do it on the way home so that it is delivered before you arrive.

Little Witch Bubble Shooter

Remember Valentine’s Day is on Friday the 14th of February so if you haven’t purchased a card for your special someone, do visit Greeting Games and pick one out. Even if you have, I would say go and pick another one out. You will definitely find a special place in that special someone’s life.

To give you an idea of how it’s done, here is a video –

Disclosure: I received 2 months subscription in return for an honest review. All ideas and opinions are my own.


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