A Fun Experience at Shrek’s Adventure London


We enjoyed watching all the Shrek films and Shrek and the little babies are a big hit in our home. Obviously when we had an opportunity to visit the newly opened attraction in London – Shrek’s Adventure, we jumped at the chance.

Shrek’s Adventure is situated on the Southbank in the heart of London on the River Thames. It is right next to SeaLife and the London Eye. To get there either take the train or tube into Waterloo Station or the tube to Westminster. Both are about 5 mins walk away.

Now for the experience.


It’s a little difficult to describe what Shrek’s Adventure actually is. Is it a ride? Is it a panto? Whatever you’d like to call it, it is entertaining and lots of fun.

I would say that Shrek’s Adventure is a walk through experience, with a short ride on a bus and a lot of interactive features.

You have to book a time slot and it would be best to be there a little earlier than the time chosen, so you don’t miss anything. The first person you meet is Fiona who tells us that our mission is to find Shrek and then it’s on to a bus with Don-kay!!

The bus ride is great fun. Maybe not such great fun for people who suffer from motion sickness. We had to stop the ride to let someone off. So, we started again.

And then we had to stop because someone forgot to pick up 3D glasses. I mean, it is a 3D ride, so why would you not pick up glasses?

Anyway, it meant that the ride was a little longer for us because we had to start over several times. More fun for the kids. And I have to add, that though my two girls get sick on car journeys, they were perfectly okay on this ride.

The ride is lovely as you fly with dragons and a few other surprises thrown in. I won’t spoil it for you -you’ll have to witness it yourselves.

From then on, you are taken through the experience on foot to different rooms where you meet different fairytale princesses – Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and a fortune teller and a barman. The fortune teller – Esmerelda is by far the most fun.


At the very end, you meet Shrek where you get some photo time.

You then walk out to a room filled with Dreamworks character figures and scenes which again are great photo opportunities.




The entire visit takes a little over an hour so you can plan the rest of the day around the area. It’s Southbank and there’s so much to do and see and there are some lovely little restaurants to have lunch.

We did have a lovely time and I’m going to keep a few of the surprises to myself. We didn’t have that honour as we had a little boy who had probably visited a gazillion times and kept shouting out what the next surprise would be. Quite annoying! Especially as his mother did nothing to stop him.

Ticket prices for Shrek’s Adventure are from £19.99 per child and £24.99 per adult if you purchase them at the door. There are savings to be made if you book online though. And there is also a family ticket for 2 adults and 2 children that falls cheaper.

The ticket prices are a bit on the dear side but as always you can make considerable savings by using the ‘Grown Ups go free’ offer from Kelloggs. And if you have a Merlin Annual Pass, then you can visit whenever you like. (Just don’t spoil it for other people by shouting out the surprises – Yes, I’m still a bit peeved at the child and his mother)

Disclosure: We were given 4 complimentary tickets for the attraction. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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5 thoughts on “A Fun Experience at Shrek’s Adventure London

  1. Looks like a great place for a family visit. What a shame about the annoying child who couldn’t keep quiet! I would contact them and ask them to remind people before they start the experience to leave the surprises to themselves.

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