A Few Packing Suggestions for Your Next Holiday

Family holidays are wonderful, they are a chance to catch up with each other and create some great memories. The only problem is the headache of packing. For some reason, no matter how often you go away, getting everyone’s suitcases packed causes stress. Often, you are so focused on the rest of the family you end up forgetting about yourself and not having the right clothes to wear. With this in mind,I thought I would write a short article to help you to pack for your next holiday in a fast and easy way.

Jumpsuits and playsuits

The trick is to pack a few all in one outfits. If you put two or three in your case you could potentially get through an entire holiday without anything else. All you would need to do is to wash outeachoutfit out in the hotel sink after you have worn it and wear it once more.

Right now, fashionworld.co.uk and most other clothing retailers have some fantastic looking jumpsuits and playsuits, in their collection. These are available in a range of coloursand cuts, so it is not hard to find one that you like.

You can wear a jumpsuit for a late night beach stroll. But, it is just as easy to dress them up a bit with a bold belt, some costume jewelleryand maybe a jacket or a wrap for an evening out. They are also extremely comfortable fortravellingin.


A dress also falls into this category. It is really easy to turn them into any style of outfit using the right accessories.

Colour co-coordinate what you pack

Try to colourcoordinate your blouses, jeans, skirts, shorts, dresses, andt-shirts. Doing so will enable you to create as many different outfits as possible from the items that you pack. With a bit of creative thinking,it is possible to fit everything you need for a week away into just a cabin luggage sized case. This is great because it gives you some extra spending money to enjoy spending.

The right shoes

If you are planning to do any sightseeing, having comfortable footwear is essential. The chances are you are going to be doing quite a bit of walking, so you need your feet to be as comfortable as possible.

Generally speaking, you will find a pair of flatishsandals to be the right option for days out and the beach. But, it is also a good idea to have a pair of closed in shoes to hand. That way your feet will not get wet on rainy days. You can wear these to the airport, so they do not take up space in your case.

The other essentials

Don’t forget the other essentials like underwear, makeup, andtoiletries. To make sure that you do not forget anything important, it is a good idea to download an editable packing list like this one.

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