A day out at the London Wetlands Centre with Robinsons

We have had a busy half-term but every bit has been enjoyable.

On Wednesday, we headed off to the London Wetlands Centre for a day out with Robinsons. We were quite excited about the day as we had never visited before in spite of it being not far from home.

We were at the event to learn the importance of drinking water and their #EnjoyMoreWater campaign. Something that’s pretty lame (as Jadyn says – for everything). I mean, who doesn’t know the importance of drinking water. Yes, we all do. But do we do it? No – at least I don’t really follow up on it.



The event made me more aware of drinking more water and keeping a check especially on how much water the children are drinking – something to follow up on with summer around the corner (fingers crossed!)


We were served an amazing breakfast with pastries and Robinsons fruit squash and fruits and then the children were whisked off to explore while we were given in depth information about water and our body by Helen Bond – State Registered Dietician. I was quite surprised to find out a few facts –

  • 75% of your brain is made up of water
  • Dehydration as mild as 1 to 2% loss of body weight can affect:

    • Cognitive functions – alertness, short term memory, concentration, attention • Physical performance
    • Exercise performance
    • Skin health (skin is 72% water) – dry, flaky skin

    • Regulation of body temperature • Cardiovascular function

    And cause:

    • Headaches, tiredness, irritability and fatigue
    • Constipation, UTI’s, dental disease
    • Increased risk of bladder cancer with regularly low fluid intake

    A loss of 10% or more of body water can be fatal, EFSA, 2010


Rebecca Cutter, Robinsons Brand Manager also told us a little about the brand and I was surprised again to know that Robinsons has been around since 1823!

Obviously, I have been drinking a lot more water these days as well as making sure that the children get a lot more into them.

Of course, knowing children, they are bound to find water boring so it’s handy to have Robinsons Squash to make their water more interesting.

I like the little Squash’d packs that are ideal for carrying around and adding to water to flavour it.


After the children returned from pond dipping and catching bugs (!), we had a picnic lunch indoors (yes, the weather played spoilsport) and we were then taken on a short tour of the centre where we saw a lot of ducks and the children were thrilled to be able to feed them too.


It was a wonderful event and we had a great day out so a big thank you to Robinsons.  Plus, we got 2 happy glasses in our goodie bags. 🙂

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