A Blogger’s Christmas Poem


‘Twas the month before Christmas 

All over the house

The were parcels and presents;

No place for a mouse.

Posts to be written,

Reviews to be done,

Photos to edit,

To help, there are none.

Staying up till midnight

Or stupid o’clock

Then waking early

With the postman’s knock.

Parties to go to,

Competitions to run,

All to be set up

And then check who’s won.

There’s chocolate and baking,

And dream toys and more,

There’s wine by the case

All on the floor.

Gift guides to go up,

From Christmas in July,

An email’s just come in

Be quick to reply.

It nice being a blogger

There’s so much to do

Interacting with PRs

And lovely brands too.

I love the season –

Christmas is such fun

It’s hectic, it’s manic

Always on the run.

I love Christmas

So I’ll say with a cheer

Merry Christmas to All

And to All a Good Year.

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