A Baby Annabell from Zapf for Prince George

When Ethan was born, Jadyn wanted to carry him and change him and feed him. She was 4 then and I was always afraid that she would drop him. I had to make her sit on the sofa and then place him in her lap with me supporting his head. She didn’t really like it and wanted to care for him on her own. Which was ovbiously impossible.

The best alternative I found was to get her a doll so she could mimic everything I did with Ethan.

I think its the best way for a little one to get used to a sibling at home. It also promotes caring and nurturing.


I was really happy to read that Zapf creation had gifted Prince George with a little baby of his own to take care of – The Baby Charlotte version of their popular Baby Annabell doll.

Baby Annabell is the UK’s Number 1 nurturing doll and mimics the weight of a normal baby. She also includes real life features such as sucking on her dummy or bottle, making baby sounds, crying and gurgling and  even crying real tears. She also responds to touch and sounds.

Zapf Creation Mumbassador, Katy Hill talks about her own experience introducing a new little one to the family: “I got my first child Kaya a Baby Annabell when her new brother, Akira was born as a present for her. It meant she could copy everything I did with him and she didn’t feel left out. As Akira’s grown up, I have encouraged him to play with it too – I think it’s important that boys learn nurturing skills too, dolls shouldn’t be just for girls.”

Baby Annabell comes with a bottle, a bib, a dummy and a little heart pendant. She is dressed in this adorable little pink romper suit.

I think Baby Annabell is a lovely gift for Prince George so he get the changing right and help his mother with his sister.

We’ve been sent our very own Baby Annabell to care for but she has been re-christened. Any guesses to what her name is? It has to be … Charlotte.

Aeryn is thrilled to have a little doll of her own and is showing her nurturing side. We shall be reviewing the doll in a later post so do come back and visit.

In the meantime, we wish the little Prince all the best with caring for his own little baby.

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