7 Best Ideas To Spruce Up Your House Windows

Are you one of those people who love windows in any room like me? Do you love when in summers there’s huge amount of sunlight breaking through that closed window and brightening up your entire room? Or when you are fast asleep and you wake up when those bright sun rays fall on your face and your eyes sense it and send signal to your brain to wake up and you end up rubbing your eyes and opening them?

If yes, then you are a window fan too and a true fan makes sure to not let their window stay boring and plain. In order to get ideas about what you can do to make your windows appealing read below.

  1. Dip Dyed or Ombre Curtains

Do you like different tones of one color accumulated together in a single fabric sheet? I love it especially when the color flow from light to a darker shade as they move down the length, that’s what you call ombre. Imagine how beautiful your curtain would look when light will break through the lighter shades thus adding attraction to your windows. Moreover you can also go for dip dying your curtains as this will add drama to your plain white curtains which you are bored of.

  1. Floor to Ceiling Windows

How about doing something out of the box and drifting away from the usual when having new windows? Even your replacement windows needs to out of the box, too. Choose installing floor to ceiling windows if you have a good view outside your window. This way you’ll be able to enjoy the whole view from every corner of your room. Plus they look super exclusive.

  1. Multi Shade Curtains

If you are worried about cleanliness and style go for multi-hued curtains in light colors which means even if your curtains have caught a little dirt it won’t show due to the multi shades it has. Also, they look super unique and add a beautiful and different touch to your windows.

  1. Fancy Window Framing

Choose to use a unique and different styled window frame that caters the drapery at the top of the window. This will make people look up and will add an amazing and out of the box look to your window, making it the center of attention.

  1. Window Seat

I have always wanted to drink my cup of tea in front of the window so I think that this unique concept of a window seat is an amazing one. What do you think? Like imagine on winter morning when its extreme cold and you want some sunlight, you can sit on the window seat and enjoy that little heat from the sun rays falling on your face.

  1. Curtains with Matching Layering

Curtain with matching layering will although add a thick layer of fabric and will double the coat but this will add extra beauty to your curtains and obviously make your window simply amazing like two contrasting colors accommodated together will make the curtains stand out.

  1. Colored Window Shutters

Blue window shutter can add an English look to your windows and room obviously.

That’s it. Check window prices and framing costs to have an idea of what kind of budget is needed. Good luck!


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